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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) is shaped by strategic planning activities which include both internal and external change drivers. HSE has been an enabler for various governmental organizations and supports their EA development. Enterprise architecture helps businesses going through digital transformation, since EA focuses on bringing both legacy applications and processes together in an attempt to form a seamless environment. The ultimate objective is the transformation of our customers from a baseline environment to a targeted end-state, enabling our clients’ strategic priorities.

Create a complete, detailed overview of what the organization really has and does, also called its present state

Build a roadmap that is flexible to change and disruptions, empowering businesses to respond with agility and alignment

Enable effective, measurable change by diving into the details of what is needed

Understand and plan support for the organization’s future state, which is where the organization needs to be in order to achieve its long-term strategic goals



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Project 2


Project 3


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