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Randy Inklebarger

HSE President/MSTI CEO

Robert Clancy

HSE Secretary & AAC COO

David Tyler

AAC Owner & CEO

Peter Newby

MSTI President

Brad White

Director, Contracts

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About Us

Who We Are

HSE is a joint venture between privately owned partners, Advanced Automation Corporation (AAC) and MS Technology Inc. (MSTI). After working collaboratively on separate Department of Energy (DOE) contracts, we created a strategic partnership that leverages each entity's complementary core strengths allowing us to apply our collective capabilities across a broader range of customer requirements.

We offer a full-service suite of Lifecycle Systems Support services to our customers with a focus on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Offices of the National Nuclear Security Administration and Environmental Management.

What We Do

HSE is focused on analytical solutions based on systems engineering design and sustainment disciplines. We developed thought-changing and highly innovative approaches to the design and sustainment disciplines.

We bring a holistic approach to applying the proven principles and practices of Lifecycle Systems Engineering to improve the outcomes for Nuclear Capital Projects in the key areas of compliance, reliability, maintainability, cost control, and on-time completion.

How We Do It

HSE’s strong relationships, expertise, and capabilities allow us to easily provide the people, tools, and processes to support our customers.

Effective Partnerships

HSE’s proven relationship with our subcontractors, Amentum and Management Solutions, LLC. (MSLLC), provides a solid foundation for successful collaboration between two partners and our subcontractors.

Amentum is a full-service supplier of technical services to federal customers with a focus on the Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management and the NNSA.

Management Solutions, LLC. is a woman-owned small business specializing in project controls and project management. 

Multi-Disciplinary Team

HSE has provided subject matter experts to support all phases of the Department of Energy’s requirements for A&E products. 

Project and Program Managers

Engineering & Technical Disciplines

  • Civil 

  • Chemical/Process

  • Construction Management

  • Electrical

  • Estimating and Scheduling

  • Fire Protection

  • Mechanical

  • Nuclear

  • Structural

  • Systems Engineering

Broad Range of Experience & Capabilities

HSE has a long history and extensive experience in developing and management capital projects for federal customers including DoD and DOE. HSE leverages each entity's complementary core strengths in order to apply our collective capabilities across a broader range of customer requirements.

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